There is one particular thing in this world that melts my heart WAY more than most other things - and it is the bond between a girl and her best furry friend. Being a dog mom of 5 myself, and having plenty of four legged loves in my life, I hold the love between dogs and their people extremely close to my heart. Anytime a client wants to include their dogs in a photoshoot, I practically jump up and down with excitement!

So when Corinna mentioned she wanted to include a dog that is very special to her in her photoshoot, I was PUMPED! Richie is her soul-dog, and she wanted to make sure she captured plenty of photos to commemorate their bond and love for each other. She made sure to tell me she had consulted Richie and told him to add the session into his calendar (lololol), and that he was getting a special bath and bandana to rock during their photoshoot. I seriously die- how cute is that?!

I was so excited to bring Corinna, Richie and her momma out to my family’s property near Oswego, Kansas. I knew that this would be the perfect location to allow Richie to be safely off leash, and we get some killer glowy light in the evening times! Corinna brought all of Richie’s things to help him perform his best during his session: his leash, his favorite tennis ball, a bag of his yummo treats, and of course a toy with an awesome squeaker! Corinna’s momma was SUCH a huge help during the session, and stood behind be with all his favorite things to get him to ‘smile’ at the camera! Usually I am holding chewed up toys on my forehead and meowing at the doggos to make them look at me, so her help was super appreciated!

We moved through the pasture of tall grass and took some GORGEOUS images of the two of them posing and enjoying each other - I swear, I was grinning ear to ear the entire time. These two were such naturals in from of the camera!

After we got plenty of good shots of the pair of them, we made our way back up for an outfit and location change on the property. Corinna’s momma was the dog wrangler and kept Richie cool and occupied while we got some killer solo shots of Corinna. She posed like a pro the entire time, and we were able to get some g-g-g-g-GORGEOUS photos of her!

I am so dang pleased with Corinna + Richie’s session, and I know that they are in love with the results! I had a SUPER hard time picking faves for this session - because let’s be honest, they are all favorites! This session is definitely in my top picks of favorite sessions ever!