Oh me oh my, it is time to introduce you to another one of my Senior Spokesmodels for 2020! I am THRILLED to introduce Devynn!

Devynn is a senior graduating in 2020 from Baxter Springs High School in Baxter Springs, Kansas! This gorgeous girl is a ridiculously kind, smart and beautiful person! Devynn is involved in a plethora of school activities, and is super involved with the Community Theater program with The Cherokee County Art Association! She is a seriously busy gal with an incredible head on her shoulders, and is ridiculously talented!

I cannot even tell you how excited I am to have this lady on my Senior Spokesmodel Team! When we began discussing what she envisioned for her first session, I knew that hers was going to be a freaking blast! She mentioned she really would love pops of color in the portraits, as well plenty of glowy light. This girl was speaking my love language!

We decided that Devynn’s hometown of Baxter Springs would be absolutely PERFECT for all those beautiful pops of vintage color. Baxter Springs is a small town in Southeast Kansas that is lucky enough to be located right on the iconic Route 66! The downtown area has so many amazing buildings and structures that have tons of personality, and I knew would look stunning in photographs.

I met up with Devynn and her partner in crime Tyler to roam the downtown area to find some rad portrait locations. Baxter Springs is such a fun location to shoot because it seems as if every street corner and down every alleyway has another location that had me squealing with excitement! Vibrant doors, ivy covered walls and stairwells, pastel colored buildings and hardware - it is a creative’s dream! With a couple of outfit changes along the way, Devynn slayed her downtown session and posed like a Queen the entire time. Tyler was every encouraging on making her laugh, which was a mega plus. Thanks, man!

After walking from one end of downtown to another, it was time for another location! Devynn changed into a gorgeous mauve dress, and off we went to one of my absolute favorite glow spots in the area! Golden Hour is such a dream, and it CAME THROUGH for us during this session! Devynn twirled and giggled, posed and strutted through the tall grass of a huge field (in huge wedges, no less), and slayed her way through her photos.

I cannot be more excited to share a huge handful of my favorites from Devynn’s Summer Session! I already am itching to see what we can produce for her fall portraits (stay tuned for those!), and am thanking my lucky stars I get to work with this lady AGAIN!