Thanks to Mother Nature throwing us a curveball during my Senior Spokesmodel Torrie’s last session, we got rained out for her outdoor portion of her summer session! We were sad, we were a little drenched, but we were definitely determined to re-schedule to make sure we got this gorgeous girl the outdoor session of her dreams!

Maybe it was fate, but our rescheduled session date was absolutely PERFECT outside - I’m talking low humidity, (fairly) mild temps and plenty of the glorious sunshine! And if you live in the Midwest, you know how dang rare that combination of weather happens!

We met up and drove out to one of her family member’s property out in the middle of the country. The property had lush, amazing pasture grass everywhere, an amazing antique tractor, and plenty of space for us to play around and get some shots! Torrie even brought along her four-legged lovebird to take some photos with - I seriously die everytime I get to shoot a senior with their best fuzzy friend. They are a pair of peas in a pod, and were too gosh darn cute! Tessa did such a great job, and we got some adorable smiley shots of her as well!

For our next location, we were off to be even FURTHER in the country! We made our way to a super cool, unique bridge that crosses a creek along a county road. We got some amazing shots utilizing the bridge and the fading gorgeous light behind Torrie!

Fret not, my friends! Even though the light was sinking lower in the distance, we had planned for this to happen! I brought a big pile of sparklers for Torrie and her twin brother Ty to shoot with in the fading light! We got some rad images of the sparklers lighting up the night, and I could not be more pleased with how those turned out! Even though there was a mishap with the super long sparkler (those things are crazy!), we got some amazing shots!

Next up- the grand finale. The smoke bombs! I ordered these bad boys from a paintball supply shop and they are HEAVY DUTY smoke bombs. We didn’t know what to expect, but were pumped to experiment with these fun toys and get some killer shots. I pulled the tab on the first smoke bomb, and were were SHOOK at all the red smoke the billowed out of that little guy! The smoke bombs are special because they are cool smoke, so they are not dangerous to stand near and take photos in! Torrie and Ty modeled it OUT (in between coughing -like I said, those bombs are crazy!) and we got some AWESOME shots in the red smoke! Next, I ordered a green bomb since Torrie’s school color is green! We did some solo shots of her on the bridge with the green smoke puffing behind her - guys, I cannot get over how much fun these were to shoot! The bombs only last about a minute and half, so it is a quick sprint of posing to get the shots!

Torrie is such a fun and authentic lady, and I am so excited to be working with her all of her 2019/2020 school year! Here is a big ole handful of my favorites from her outdoor session!