My Senior Spokesmodel Team sessions this summer are making me absolutely giddy for how awesome this year is going to be! My next Senior Spokesmodel I am over the moon excited to introduce is Kari! Kari is one of my Spokesmodels from Oswego, Kansas!

Kari is a ridiculously beautiful girl, and she carries that beauty both inside and out! When she applied to be on my Spokesmodel team for 2020, I was thrilled! She was excited to start planning out her summer session! When I asked her what her vision was for her photoshoot, her answer made me squeal out loud! She wanted to include her horse in her photos - okay, I seriously could just die of happiness.

Horses have been a HUGE part of my life since I could first get in my butt in the saddle when I was just two years old! I still have 4 horses who live on my family’s farm near Oswego! When Kari mentioned she wanted to include her gorgeous horse July in her photos, I asked her if she would be okay trailering him out to my family’s property to utilize their gorgeous, slightly overgrown, grazing pasture.

I was thrilled when she was up for coming out to our farm! Kari and a possee of her family came out to the farm with July in tow to get some pretty spectacular photos of the pair! I took her and July down the horse path to the pasture, and we got some ridiculously beautiful shots of these two out in some glowy, gorgeous light. Once July realized he was supposed to be a model and was not going to be working some cattle that day, he fell into the flow of the photos and became an AWESOME model!

After huffing and puffing back up the hill of the property back to the barn and trailer, Kari did a couple of outfit changes to make sure we got plenty of variety during her shoot. She knocked it out of the park during her session!

Here is a big ol’ handful of favorites of mine from Kari’s first Senior Spokesmodel shoot! I cannot wait to work with her more throughout the year!