I am SO EXCITED to introduce my first Senior Spokesmodel for 2020!

Torrie is a senior graduating in 2020 from Chetopa High School in Chetopa, Kansas! She is one of the sweetest souls you will ever meet, absolutely gorgeous inside and out, and has a KILLER resume of all the teams, clubs and community involvement she participates in!

Torrie is an amazing athlete that pushes herself the entire school year in Volleyball, Basketball and Softball. When she said it would mean a lot to her to capture some photos in her uniform in each sport, I completely understood! When you proudly wear that number on your back for the entirety of your high school career, it becomes part of your identity. And that identity definitely deserves to captured in gorgeous photos to be remembered for the rest of your life!

I met Torrie at the gym in Chetopa, and we went to work! To be completely transparent, I was a little nervous photographing in a gym! Gyms are notorious for extreme lighting, casting crazy yellow hues, and distorting what you envisioned for your photos! After some experimenting with my camera settings, I was confident we would knock her gym photos out of the park! And guess what - we did!

We took photos in her basketball and volleyball jerseys all over the court in the gym. We played with the volleyball net (with some help from her fam since the net wasn’t up yet for the season!), found some awesome angles at center court, and even got some awesome shots in the girl’s locker room!

I am over the moon thrilled to have a wonderful girl like Torrie representing my business for 2020, and I cannot wait to see all of the amazing shoot we will have this year!

Here are a handful of my favorites from her sports session!