Alright guys, are you ready to see a session that makes me SWOON?! Not only does Whitney + Aaron’s engagement session contain some of my favorite locations within my shooting radius, but this couple drove over 2 hours just to come see me. Seriously, that is some commitment!

Whitney messaged me way back in April about wanting to get together for her engagement shoot! After some planning and figuring out that we would be shooting in the gorgeous Joplin, Missouri area, we were stoked to get together and get some gorgeous photos for them! The stars seemed to align and we were able to squeeze in their session on a weekend that just so happened to have some of the most gorgeous summer weather - score!

When I met these two, I instantly FELT their connection. They were obviously crazy about each other - cue “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” while looking at their photos. You would never know they had a nervous bone in their bodies - they were complete naturals, and drop dead gorgeous!

I brought them out to Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center (formerly Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audobon Center) to give them a good taste of what the Ozarks had to offer. We strolled down a gorgeous trail that was lined with native wildflowers and trees, and were able to get some serious GLOW to their images. We posed and walked, walked and posed, and got some absolutely stunning photos of them!

We decided our next location would be the iconic and stunning Grand Falls in Joplin, Missouri! This place is seriously magical, and makes my stomach fluttery every time I visit! This stunning landmark is the largest waterfall in Missouri, and we are lucky enough to have it in our backyards in Joplin! This location is always packed full of people sight seeing, swimming, and and general enjoying the majesty of these falls. Although there were TONS of people in the area, we found some amazing vantage points to take photos and crop most of the gawkers out of the photos - the rest were taken care of in post editing, lol! Even though we had a huge audience watching these two beautiful people pose, they never missed a beat and were knocking their photos out of the park.

I am over the moon excited about how GORGEOUS Whitney + Aaron’s session turned out, and honestly, the whole session is a favorite of mine! For the blog’s sake, here is a handful of the photos I am losing my mind over!