We’ve gone from maternity, to newborn, and now we’re here…. 6 MONTHS of sweet baby Kolson being on this Earth! It is absolutely mind boggling to me that I have been able to capture this adorable little peanut’s journey through life for him and his family to look back on forever.

I was so glad we were able to get this adorable little fam’s photos scheduled for the weekend before Kolson’s 6 Month! It was hot, it was sweaty, and but holy smokes the light was glorious! We did some gorgeous little family shots on a hillside on my family’s property that has been covered in beautiful wildflowers! My heart was seriously melting at Kolson laughing at his daddy and being so dang sweet and attentive during the entire session - he was such a trooper!

Before the session, we had planned to do a full milk bath for the little man. He, however, had some seriously different plans! We will definitely get to that adorable-ness at a later time!

This family makes my soul so dang happy, and I love every single session we are able to capture together. Here is a handful of my favorites from their too-cute-for-words family session!