When most people think of Kansas, I can almost guarantee several images pop into their minds. The Wizard of Oz definitely is a frontrunner in imagery associated with Kansas. Wheat fields are probably high up there as well.. cows… tractors… tornadoes… but rarely does a big, gorgeous body of water make it into the mix! The little area I live and LOVE to photograph in definitely breaks the standard Kansas mold by offering plenty of water, hills, and is nestled on the border of the Ozark mountains. Riverton, Galena, and Baxter Springs are all in a world of their own! Crazy, right?!

I am always SO EXCITED when clients want to come visit me in my unique little slice of the state to take their sessions! I get remarks all the time of how DIFFERENT this area is from where they live - even if it is just a short car ride away!

When Katee messaged me and said she would love to shoot in my neck in the woods for something a little different, I was PUMPED. I sent her photos of various locations in my area to choose from, and she fell in love with the idea of shooting near the docks on the lakeside!

As soon as I was introduced to all the kiddos, it was obvious that we were going to have an AMAZING session! Her little peanuts were ridiculously sweet and polite, and were so excited for their session! They were little pros getting into every pose I asked them to - they were even encouraging their parents to pose and kiss for their couple poses (seriously, I about died with how sweet they were - they wanted their parents to get lovey dovey!). The session absolutely FLEW by, and we got tons of adorable photos! We had to get creative with some of the poses to avoid getting in the way of the many, MANY fishermen who were taking advantage of the lake on such a beautiful day, but you would have no idea by looking at their gorgeous photos!

I had a super hard time picking some of my favorites from their session, but I have attached a bunch that I just love! I cannot wait to work with this family again!