One thing I absolutely LOVE about shooting family sessions is being able to learn more about the wonderful people in front of my camera! It is such a passion of mine to learn more about the story of family I get the privilege of working with. When I get to incorporate facets of their story into their photoshoot - that’s the dream!

One thing I knew for sure about the Smith family even before their session, is that they cherish the time they get to spend together while adventuring! They love to spend their days in the Ozarks on the gorgeous rivers kayaking, hiking, and living their best lives! So when they wanted to incorporate a river into their photoshoot, I was over the moon!

The Smiths drove all the way from Springfield to the Joplin, MO // Galena, KS area to meet with me at a spot I just KNEW would look stunning in their session! We met right at the Golden Hour, and the sun was just beginning to sink behind them along the banks of Shoal Creek.

This sweet little family can be described in one word: Bubbly! They were all cracking jokes, making faces at one another, and in general just giggling the entire time during our session! I didn’t even have to make of a fool of myself trying to get them to crack a smile - they were overflowing with joy the entire time!

Here is a bunch of my favorites from this family’s gorgeous spring session!