If you have ever been to the Midwest, or even ever heard of it- I am 99% positive you know how temperamental the weather can be. One day it can be 85 Degrees, and the next we could be getting pounded with sleet. It’s exhausting, and can make you give up hope… until you get another nice day of weather!

This has definitely been the case while trying to schedule Jenny’s senior session! It has been MONTHS on waiting on the weather to become decent, and then waiting some more for some beautiful blooms to open! Thank goodness for all of Jenny’s patience and our communication to get her session scheduled, because we seriously could not have asked for a better day for her Senior Session!

We planned to meet at the Arboretum in Parsons, Kansas - and we could not have decided on a better spot! The redbuds, cherry and crab apple trees were full of gorgeous, vibrant blossoms, and the sun was wonderfully glowy and warm. Perfect!

We wandered through the Arboretum finding plenty of gorgeous areas to take portraits - there was even a Marsh with an adorable little dock! Fields full of golden grass, thickets full of trees, and of course the backdrop of the colorful blossoms made every photo amazing.

We switched up outfits and locations, and headed to Downtown Parsons to take advantage of the amazing architecture and buildings. Jenny’s outfit coordinated perfectly with the old style of buildings, and I was getting all sorts of vintage-y vibes. Seriously, she killed it. I’m obsessed with her small town urban part of her session!

Here are a handful of my favorites from Jenny’s 2019 Senior Session - but you best believe, I had such a hard time choosing! Between the gorgeous backdrops of the Arboretum, and the vintage beauty from downtown, to say I am obsessed is putting it mildly!

Jenny is such a little ball of light and has such a sweet heart. She had me giggling the entire time during her session, and we had so much dang fun together! Congratulations on graduating, Jenny!