You want to know what I love? I love it when the love a family has for each other is tangible. I love to meet families that as soon as you meet them, the connection, love and respect they have for each other is felt in your own bones.

As soon as I met the sweet Smith family in Joplin, Missouri at the formerly known Wildcat Glades Audobon Center, I was smitten with how much JOY I felt coming off of them! They were so excited to be meeting me and getting their FIRST EVER FAMILY PHOTOS TAKEN! They said in the 9 years they have been a family, they have never had professional photos of their lives captured. I was blown away I had the honor of capturing these special moments for them! And on top of that, they drove all the way from Springfield, Missouri to Joplin just to meet up with me! Wow!

As we walked the trails of the gorgeous glades at Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center, the chatting came easy and the laughs were plenty! Their spunky little girl had more energy than I could ever hope to have in my own body, and she was such a star in front of the camera. Every time I put the camera up to snap photos of her, she would strike a pose and giggle. When kids love having their photo taken, I swear it is what dreams are made of in a family photoshoot!

Every pose I put the family into had them all giggling and joking with each other, and I made it my goal to try and capture even a fraction of the happiness that they all had being together. Looking over their pictures after their photoshoot, I couldn’t help but smile at the sweet looks they were giving each other, and the smiles that I knew that were coming from the heart.