Anybody who knows me, knows that my family doesn’t just include people - it includes all of my furbabies as well. They share our home, cuddle on the couch with us, travel with us, share our food and are one of the top priorities in our lives. I put their comfort ahead of my own, and make sure that they know how special they are to me. I spend every possible moment I can with them - they mean the world to me!

Sidenote: Head over to my “About” page to read more about our rescue pups! Along with those 5 loves, we share our home with 6 kitties and have been fostering a litter of kittens!

I feel like the bundles of love we call pets are not only our companions, they are our family! So, when I got a message from Megan asking if she could include her furbabies into a portrait session with her entire clan, I was PSYCHED!

The Craddock family had just recently bought a little slice of heaven out in the country near Girard, Kansas, and were wanting their portraits taken there! Megan described how they had a gorgeous white walled barn, and a beautiful pasture behind their house, and I was sold on the entire idea. I was so excited to not only meet this awesome family, but to capture them in a place that meant so much to them.

Upon arrival to their adorable little farm, it was obvious that their place was PERFECT for a sweet family photoshoot! They had even put some hay bales in front of the barn to sit on with all their dogs and cats! The backdrop for their portraits seriously could not have been better.

Prior to their shoot, I gave the family the advice I always do when getting ready to incorporate their pets into photos:

  • Always make sure to have either a favorite toy, or a handful of treats I can use to keep their attention! Even though I make all sorts of chirping, meowing, squealing noises to pull their attention towards my camera, extra incentive to pay attention is always golden!

  • A leash of some kind on hand just in case someone is feeling a little rowdy.

I was so glad they took this advice to heart, because just look at how cute their portraits turned out with all the fur kids looking right at the camera! Even the kitties cooperated in the shoot, which was a MAJOR plus!

This family was the sweetest and were such troopers during their session, even with a cold front moving in the whole time! Here is a handful of my favorites from their photoshoot down below!