Hello my dears! It is officially mid-January, which means I am OFFICIALLY over this cloudy, dreary midwest weather. All I need is some snow to get me through Winter with a little bit of fun, but Kansas seems to refuse to give us that gift. Oh well, I will guess I will keep passing my spare time cooking nummy comfort foods and reminiscing on photo sessions from warmer weather. Ah, to daydream.

Today I wanted to share with you a session that meant SO much to me. Recently, another talented local photographer reached out to me wanting to get together and swap sessions. Not only is she a ridiculously talented photographer who I admire so, so much, she is one of my best buds from back in my highschool days! I was SO thrilled to reconnect with Misty, and it what made it even better was it seemed like our friendship fell right back into place. I was so pumped to meet up with her again, and I was SUPER honored she thought my work was worthy enough to take photos of her adorable families (y’all, I am not kidding when I say she is SUPER talented. Check out her amazing page here ).

We set a date when neither of us had anything in the books, which if you know a photographer’s schedule, means it was FREEZING outside. We met up at one of Misty’s favorite local locations, and went to work! Even though it was near freezing with a breezy wind blowing through, her kids were complete troopers. They toughed it out in a gusty field, posing exactly how their momma taught them to - they were both so full of personality that they obviously got from both of their parents. I was trying not to burst out in giggles watching them all interact - it kills me when the kids are just like the parents, and the parents get so frustrated with how sassy the little ones are! They were so dang cute.

They all posed like pros, and looked completely picture perfect in their coordinating ensembles. The boys even had ridiculously adorable cowboy hats to wear for portions of their shoot - I died. So cute.

Misty also brought her camera, and was kind enough to take some shots of my husband and I at this awesome location! It was such a treat to relax in front of the camera, instead of me bossing my husband around while I set up my equipment up on a tripod to get shots of us - how he tolerates me, I will never know.

We finished up the session out on an absolutely perfect little dock that was on one of the clearest ponds I have ever seen! Beautiful cedar trees lined the edges of this secret hideaway, and made for such a dreamy backdrop for their little family session! It is like this dock was specifically designed JUST for photos, and I was living for it. I loved how sweet their photos came out on the dock, and the reflection on that clear water was just perfect. Reflections are my jam, man.

After our shoot, we warmed up at a local restaurant with some dinner and chatted for literally hours. We had a complete blast, and I cannot wait to swap photo sessions with MC Photography again!