Princess Photo Session | Oswego, Kansas Photographer



I had the opportunity to photograph a real life, actual PRINCESS! When I had a last minute cancellation due to a client’s entire family being sick, I put out a bat signal to anyone interested in a discount session for the same evening. I was already in the Oswego, Kansas area visiting my family for a Sunday dinner, and I was itching to capture a portrait session!

I was so excited when Nikki reached out to me saying she would love to participate! Then she asked me if it would be okay if her daughter wore her favorite Disney Princess costume, or if I would prefer to do more “normal” photos. Of course, I was ecstatic to work with a Princess! There is no such thing as a “normal” photoshoot in my book- so whatever she is passionate about, I will of course take photos of! And sweet little Riley was definitely passionate about her Princess lifestyle. She was dressed in the full Cinderella theme from the silver ribbons in her hair to her tiny high heels on her feet.

The little Princess knew how to pose without much instruction, and loved to do twirls in her dress, dance around, and do her “Princess Smile”. I absolutely love meeting new clients, and this adorable mother and daughter pair were a blast to work with!