When I announced a senior session giveaway at the end of the summer on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/ccprestonphoto), I had a TON of entries that were submitted. Dozens of amazing seniors in the area entered to win- and Camrie was the winner of a free senior session with me!

As soon as I messaged Camrie that she had won the session, I knew that I had lucked out on my winner. She was so gracious, kind, and positively ecstatic to get scheduled and meet up for her photos! Camrie is a senior all the way from Humboldt, Kansas- that is a heckin’ long drive for either of us to make in full! So we agreed to meet midway in the Parsons, Kansas area. I scouted locations, and was pumped to find a place that would fit the vibe that Camrie wanted for her session.

Of course, as Kansas likes to do, the weather the weekend of her session decided to do a flip and be totally rainy, foggy, misty and downright unpleasant. We rescheduled- and boy, I was sure glad we did! The day of her rescheduled shoot was downright GLORIOUS. Golden, buttery light was pouring down on us, and the temperature was in the high 60’s.

When I finally got to meet Camrie and her momma, I was taken aback by how dang SWEET these ladies were! They were so excited to meet me, and we had a ton of pleasant conversation and jokes throughout her whole shoot. We had an absolute blast!

Camrie rocked the house down in her session- you would never know this girl is not a professional model! Her smile was contagious, and she nailed every pose and prompt I tossed her way. She made capturing her beauty and genuine personality a breeze! And can we just admire her style for a second!?

Here are just some of my absolute faves from her session- which trust me, were hard to choose from the MANY amazing photos we got for her!