Spencer River.jpg


This weekend I was SO excited to have a session scheduled with a Senior who was graduating from the same High School I graduated from almost a decade ago (just typing that made me gasp…I’m fine…). After discussing with his lovely mom, we decided on taking half of his session downtown and the other half of the session in a more ‘natural’ environment.

When we met up downtown to start his session, I instantly noticed how laid back Spencer was! He wasn’t nervous about his photos, and kept tossing out witty jokes during his session that made working with him a breeze! When I would call out different poses for him to try, he nailed every single one like it was his job! We shot the breeze throughout his session, and I even got to love on his sweet English Bulldog, Bo.

We wove our way through downtown Oswego, working our way up and down alleys and utilizing the old storefronts the small town had to offer. When I was in High School, I admittedly never noticed how AWESOME some of the old buildings are downtown- they are the perfect mix of rustic and vibrant colors. Now as a photographer scouting out locations, I have a whole new appreciation for the unique architecture found in the small towns in our area! They photograph beautifully and really bring a ton of personality to every session.

Following our downtown locations, I gave Spencer and his mom the deets on one of my favorite secret spots in the Oswego area to photograph. Now this spot, I DID notice in High School. It is absolutely beautiful, and pretty secluded (hence, why us high schoolers noticed it back in the day. Oops). They met me down there in a fresh outfit change that popped with the scenery PERFECTLY. Spencer admittedly said that he was not very “outdoorsy”, but you certainly can’t tell that at all by how much he rocked it out down by the river and in the woods!

I had a blast photographing this awesome Senior! Congratulations and good luck on your Senior year, Spencer!