A Little More About Me...

Hello, Hello, Hello! My name is Courtney Celeste Preston, and I am the leading lady behind the camera and owner of C.C. Preston Photography!

One of the secrets to running a business that is personally fulfilling and life-giving is to be connected to my clients. However, in order to do this well, I realize that I need to be the first to let my clients into my life if I ever want the privilege of being a part of theirs! Allowing my clients to get to know me beyond the camera is one of my favorite parts of my business!


My family

I started dating my now-husband when we were both 15 years old- the summer before sophomore year of high school! I sat behind him in Algebra class Freshman year, and thought the back of his neck was cute - the rest was history! Mike asked me out over Memorial Day Weekend, and there was no turning back after that. We were just babies, but already crazy about each other! We became inseparable, and our infatuation grew and grew (and still continues to!). When we started college, our relationship became long distance for a few semesters. It was SO hard being away from each other during this time, but I fully believe it made our love so strong, and made our weekend trips to see each other all the sweeter! The memories that we share from high school and college are some of our most treasured!

We moved to Pittsburg, Kansas together to finish school, and got our own place. We lived in a small, one bedroom apartment for a short time, and grew even tighter! We learned to become adults together, and it was so much dang fun!

Finally after 8 years of dating, Mike proposed! We got married as close to our Dating Anniversary as we could, 9 years after we first became a couple. The day was everything we hoped it could be- surrounded by our closest friends and family. We were married outdoors in the beautiful Ozarks, on the perfect spring day. We were married 5/21/16- the BEST DAY EVER! 

Photo Credit: The Mitchells Photography

Photo Credit: The Mitchells Photography

we got some dogs….

Throughout my life, I have never NOT had a dog. So When Mike and I moved into our first rental house together, it was obvious that we needed a furry family member to make us feel at home. So, we adopted sweet little Gracie Lou. She was the sweetest little puppy and became the love of our life, and that little red boxer mix would change our lives forever! We caught the dog adopting fever, and over the course of several years have adopted even more 'pigs' as we call them! Ellie is a shepherd mix we adopted as a companion for Gracie, and fell in love with her at first sight! Then came our perfect little Catahoula mix, Beau. He has become attached at my hip, and follows my absolutely everywhere! When we became homeowners and moved onto a bigger plot of land in the country, our dog obsession grew even more! Otis was just a little guy when we fell in love with him at an adoption event, and he absolutely had to come join our family! He is a fuzzy, goofy shepherd mix that makes it impossible not to smile! While taking a trip to one of our favorite spots in Arkansas, we stumbled across an abandoned Great Pyrenees puppy out in the middle of the country by himself. We brought him home, cleaned him up, and instantly fell in love with the ball of white fluff. Little Bear is our gentle giant, and loves to protect his house and family. All our little loves have found their way into our lives for a reason, and we love them to pieces. We are HUGE advocates for adoption and animal rescues, and volunteer whenever we can at local animal shelters!


How this all started

I have always had a passion for photography- ever since my parents first gave me a film camera for Christmas when I was a kid! Going through life I captured my own memories through both digital and film photos, and was always striving to learn more.

I graduated from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas with a Bachelors in Biology- Emphasis in Organismal & Ecological Biology. I also grabbed minors in Physical Science & Chemistry while working towards my diploma!

A family traumatic event pushed me to stop putting what I LOVE on the backburner - it was the reality check I needed to realize that life is far too fragile and short. I knew that I needed to push myself towards my passions! I enrolled in photography & graphics design classes at a local university, and did TONS of self teaching & experimentation. Finally after years of practice with my “fancy” camera, I was ready to pass my passion of wildlife, pet portraits and landscape photography into portraiture of people! I started C.C. Preston Photography as a creative outlet in 2017 and it has continued to grow into something I once only dreamed about! 


a few of my favorite things

  • Travel: I have been to 41 States, Canada & Mexico! My family always did annual roadtrips as a kid, and I still have the travel bug as an adult. It’s on my bucket list to get to all 50 States and hit every National Park! I love capturing our travels through photographs. I am so thankful my hubs loves to travel and see new things as much as I do!

  • Food: I love to cook, and I love to eat! I will try anything once, and love experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. As Julia Child says, “People who love to eat are always the best people”.

  • Adventuring - I grew up camping and hiking, and still LOVE to do those things! My butt was in a saddle as soon as I could walk, and I continue to love to ride my own horses. My husband has taught me the joys of fishing, and I really enjoy going with him to keep learning to art of angling! Photographing nature brings me so much joy, and I simply cannot get enough of the outdoors!

  • Classic Folksy Rock Music- CCR, The Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young. I’m convinced I was born in the wrong generation!

  • Giving Back- It is a passion of mine to donate my time and expertise to others. I volunteer at least once every week at a local equine-assisted therapeutic riding center. Meeting all the wonderful children and helping them experience all the magic a horse has to offer fills my soul up. I also volunteer regularly at local animal shelters!

  • All the fuzzy blankets, scented candles, cozy sweatshirts, comfy slippers. I take being cozy very seriously.

  • Smashing the patriarchy.

  • Renewable Energy: my “day” job is working towards Renewables in a Utility Company!



1. My first real job (if you don’t count babysitting) was as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool in my small town in high school! I worked there for 4 long, hot summers. During high school I was also a stable manager for nationally ranked show horses for a year, and was also a waitress at the local Pizza Hut for a couple years! The hustle started young, folks.

2. I am a lifetime Girl Scouts of the United States member. I have led classes and camps during my time as a Girl Scouts member teaching the young’uns all about wildlife tracking, first aid, and key survival skills. If you need to learn super fun camp song, I’m your gal.

3. I can sing the names of all 50 states in alphabetical order, and have done it since the first grade! “Fifty Nifty United States” is catchy enough to stick with you for a lifetime. 

4. On my college transcripts, I have credits from 4 different schools. Labette Community College, University of Kansas, University of Montana, and Pittsburg State University (where I graduated from!). 

5. I am not a dessert person. I know that it is fundamentally strange, and it’s weird and it freaks people out (New Girl, anyone?). But if you put a loaf of good bread in front of me you better step back and keep your hands away- give me all the carbs. 

6. I can speak conversational French, a little Spanish, and took 1 semester of Italian in college. Our French class even took a trip to Quebec, Canada to put our skills to the test! The beautiful Bonhomme Carnaval & the absolutely delicious cabane à sucre are experiences everyone should have at least once!

7. I have 5 big dogs and 6 cats- so do not even think about wearing black in my house. I wouldn’t trade any one of them for the world- I love my house full of love and chaos!

8. I use spreadsheets and lists for every aspect of my life. Organization is key, baby.

9. My husband and I are high school sweethearts. I sat behind him in Algebra freshman year, and thought the back of his neck was cute. The rest is history!

10. I love writing. I won short story and poetry competitions in high school, and even won a couple scholarships from my writing! I entered college a declared English major, but changed to multiple different majors following my freshman year. 

11. Courtney likes her chicken spicy….and Seinfeld quotes. Giddy Up.

Photo Credit: The Mitchells Photography

Photo Credit: The Mitchells Photography